Reinventing the food chain


Engineer apprentice in Insect Nutrition (M/F)


The Engineer Apprentice will strengthen the Insect Husbandry team and will rely on experts in entomology and animal nutrition.
His/her role is to develop knowledge and methods in Quantitative Nutrition adapted to our insect model, the yellow mealworm Tenebrio molitor. Defining its precise nutritional requirements will lead to perform fine formulation of diets for industrial application.
In order to do so, the Engineer Apprentice will participate in the:
• Insect Nutrition projects, including study of physiological parameters in different laboratory conditions and covering the entire life cycle of the insect species
• Strong collaboration with senior & experienced experts and technicians within R&D teams, and other stakeholders (engineering, manufacturing, …)
• collaboration with external partners, academics or companies in concordance with confidentiality rules and IP policy
• data collection, consolidation and interpretation
• reporting and communication at the end of each experiment
• application and contribution to quality procedures, laboratory notebook keeping
• proposing and testing new ideas to improve methodologies
• contribution to the general planning and management of Nutrition experiments
• contribution and application of experimental protocols related to other team’s projects


• You must be enrolled in an renowned engineering school or university in Agronomy or Life Science
• Theoretical (or even practical) knowledge in animal husbandry or animal nutrition, previous practical experiences as trainee will be appreciated
• Strong interest for insect industry and animal nutrition
• You like to be challenged
• Structured and analytical, you like versatility and know how to manage your time
• Good written and oral communication, good interpersonal skills
• Ability to interact with numerous internal stakeholders, you can rely on their own professional expertise and their own complex view of the project.
• Sense of initiative, you like to solve complex issues, with several equations and several unknown factors
• Conscientious and open-minded, you are naturally curious.
• Sense of team work
• Command of the English language is mandatory



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